Interior of a Vauxhall Cresta

Servicing and General Repairs

Proper maintenance and regular servicing keeps your classic car in good working condition. Car servicing is essential and getting it done through an expert is especially beneficial. Many modern garages are not equiped for or have experence of classic cars.

The benefits of regular professional servicing are often over looked in classic cars, but in the long term it can extend the life of your car and can improve its efficiency, avoid nasty suprises and expensive failures.

We maintain and repair any classic car, anything from an oil change to a full service or MOT work:

  • Oil changes, essential for engine life
  • Cam-belt changes to avoid expensive engine failures
  • Carburettor and electronic ignition adjustment for smooth and economic running
  • General checking and adjustment of all mechanical parts including gearboxes and brakes
  • Brakes replacement and adjustment
  • General repairs of worn or failed parts from bushes to gearboxes

We are situated just outside of Chichester in West Sussex and can pick up your car, especially if it is a non-runner.

Call us on: 01243 572242

Rebuilt engine being fittd to a Isuzu Bellett
Rebuilt engine in a Vauxhall Cresta